Monk Property Update – 9/20/18

Hello Lake of Windermere and Nearby Communities. The HOA Board would like to thank all of you that emailed correspondence and showed up to Thursday’s hearing on the property behind the Lakes of Windermere. There were over 80 letters received in opposition to the developers request and 7 homeowners that attended todays meeting. Thank you for taking the time to help our community. The Zoning Commission denied the developers proposal to build 113 garden style homes on the property. They offered a compromise of 76 estate homes on lots matching our neighborhood (50 foot lots). The developer did not accept that compromise, so their request was denied but this is far from over. We are in communication with the County looking to see what the developers next steps will be and will update you as we can. Thanks again to everyone who sent letters and came to the meeting. We may need an even stronger response as this moves forward.