Monk Property Public Hearing

Lakes of Windermere and Neighboring Residents:

The HOA board of the Lakes of Windermere is asking for your help in communicating with members of the Orange County staff regarding the development of 49 acres located behind our neighborhood.  Many residents received a public hearing notice if you’re home is within a specific distance from the proposed development.  That basically covered about 25% of our neighborhood.  This development however will impact all of our homes in the Lakes of Windermere from both a traffic and speculatively a home value perspective.  We have attached a copy of the public hearing notice for those who did not receive it.  This property is currently allowed as part of the Horizon’s West master plan to develop at 2 homes per acre (60 homes) as long as it meets the concurrency guidelines of the master plan.  There is only 1 way into and out of this property and it is through our neighborhood off of Duncaster.  There is no direct feeder road access to this property and the owners are not looking to acquire land that would allow direct access from a major feeder road (Overstreet).  The owners are currently looking to be granted an exception to the master plan and be allowed to develop 113 homes (4 homes per acre) vs. the 60 called for in the master plan.  This exception if granted will basically double the number of homes and will create a situation of increased congestion through our neighborhood as well as possibly diminishing our home values due to the fact that these homes will be smaller homes than what currently reside in LOW.  While the board would like to see no development occur on this land we know from conversations with our County Commissioner that ultimately this land will get developed.  As a board we feel that our best option is to ask that no exception be granted and the owners be held to the master plan density of 60 homes on the property.  If you are in agreement with this position (it is the best defensible position as it takes a position of responsible development that is in line with the master plan) then we need you to reach out to the 8 members of the Planning and Zoning Commission via email as well as our County Commissioner Betsy Vanderley before the planned hearing date of 9/20/18.  Ideally we would like to not only bombard these folks with communication but have residents attend the meeting to show further opposition to the development as currently being planned by the owners.  Attached is a letter stating our opposition to this development.  Please feel free to cut and paste into an email if you agree with the board.  You can also draft your own letter stating your position on this matter (the attached public hearing notice explains what the group will consider as relevant reasons to deny so a letter based on that criteria will go further than one based on emotion or speculation).  The bottom line is that the more communication sent regarding this development the better our chances are for getting an outcome that is fair and reasonable.  The HOA does not have the power to stop this development.  We are only 7 people.  We need as many of our area residents to communicate as possible (606 homeowners will mean a lot more than the 7 members of the board).  Doing nothing basically means you agree with the plan for this land are are willing to accept the impacts it will have on our community.  The board will have no ability after the fact to help mitigate those impacts.  The time is now and we need your help.

Thank You in advance for sending out emails to all 8 members of the zoning commission and our County Commissioner before 9/19/18.  We will send out additional information on the time and location of the hearing set for 9/20 when the agenda is posted later in the week.

Orange County Public Hearing Notice

Monk Property Sample Letter

Orange County, Florida / Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) Representatives






James “Jimmy” Dunn (Chair)


William Gusler


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District 1 Commissioner Betsy Vanderley